Tazza Kitchen


Tazza Kitchen is a gem that can be found in Arlington, VA. The restaurant has a very rustic and cozy feel, offering a mix of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines. 

My friends and I decided to meetup after work for dinner, and we were glad we did. From the menu we ordered a Kale and Chile Salad containing pine nuts, lemon vinaigrette, and grana padano with chicken added to the salad for protein; with Chicken. Fish and Chorizo tacos. The Chicken taco was divine with smoky tomato jam, pequin slaw, pico de gallo, and the crema. The Fish was just as good with tomatillo confit, pickled red onion, radish & jicama, calabrese mayo, crunchy quinoa. I didn’t have the Chorizo, with the fingerling potatoes, avocado, salsa verde, pickled red onions, queso fresco, but my friends raved about it so I’m assuming it was delish.

For dessert we decided to split a warm Apple Crumble containing toasted hazelnuts, apple slices soaked in rye whisky, citrus, and thyme topped with a poppy seed semifreddo which pushed it from great to simple awesomeness in my mouth. We ended up ordering another. Then there was the Chocolate Budino with Olive Oil and toasted almonds, a chocoholic’s dream.

We had to take ourselves inside due to unexpected rain but barring that we would definitely return. The food was delicious, and the wait staff was pleasant. Check it out if you’re ever in the area.


Pupuseria Las Delicias

The weather has warmed up and memorial day has arrived. What better way to welcome the summer days than with BBQ. And I did just that this weekend.

Pupu20150510_132153seria Las Delicias is a roadside barbecue stand on route 1. Seeing smoke, trucks, and people milling around w20150509_184820 (1)hile driving by I just had to go and see what was being offered.

The set-up is incredibly simple. You simple go up to the grill and order a steak or tacos from the menu and wait. I ordered steak and chicken tacos and was pretty pleased with my choice.

So my challenge to you this summer is to be adventurous and find interesting eats. It may just be worth your while.