Northside Social Coffee & Wine

If you are in the DMV area you clearly know that this picture was not taken recently. Especially since we are in the midst of a blizzard. But alas I dream of a warmer time.

Northside Social is a great place to be, especially after a long day of work. It acts like a trinity of sorts being a mix of a Cafe, Coffeehouse, and Wine bar; Offering pastries and sandwiches. The restaurant is 2 stories, with the 2nd floor housing the wine bar and the lower story the cafe and coffee house aspect with the pastries and baristas present.

The day I went I wanted to sit outside and enjoy the Cafe especially since it was a warm day and the inside of the restaurant was feeling a bit too intimate. I went with a friend, so we grabbed a table and went inside to order. Only downside to being outside was the fact that we also had to go in to pick up the orders as well.

We both got the House Smoked Salmon which consisted of tomato, cucumber, spinach, pickled red onion, wasabi cream cheese on sesame bun, and came with a mixed green salad. It was especially delish. I topped mine off with a ‘small” hot chocolate, and released the stresses of the day.

Be sure to check it out if you are ever in Clarendon, Virginia.

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